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London & Manila

— MRes Art: Theory & Philosophy, Central Saint Martins




Editorial design & illustration

CNN Philippines Life
Esquire Philippines
Rogue Magazine

Book design

A Waiting Room Companion

The First Impulse

Cupid’s Rage

Taming People’s Power


Don’t Forget, Clementine

Bones Like Snowflakes

Winter Quay/Summer Blankets


“There’s something really funny about our music, because it’s often so heart-on-your-sleeve, a little bit. We know how that can be embarrassing. We’re just not worried about embarrassing ourselves anymore.” ¹ The album is an intimation of loss, self-destruction, and the possibility of redemption. ² It’s a song for when life gets too heavy, and you need a song you can sink into — just for four minutes — so you don’t drown inside yourself. ³ 

Group exhibit — Underground Gallery

A Collage Show

A Collage Show
Underground Gallery
26 August — 16 September 2017

Curated by Nilo Ilarde. Featuring work by Juan Alcazaren, Jan Balquin, Buboy Cañafranca, Neil dela Cruz, Monica Delgado, Beejay Esber, Dina Gadia, Jacob Lindo, Poch Naval, Michelle Perez, Juni Salvador, Arturo Sanchez Jr., Carina Santos, Yasmin Sison, Jel Suarez, Gerardo Tan, Oca Villamiel, and Atsuko Yamagata.

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