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“Every night, I get the fortune of meeting new people,”  Baker says. “There’s a whole audience full of people I’ve not ever interacted with before, and that’s astonishing. When you look out to the crowd, you think, within each person is a wealth of experience. Like, they’re a whole world, and they’ve lived a whole life. And I know nothing about them, not even their name. And then, for like an hour, we’re all on the same mental page, no matter where we are in life.”

On the redeeming power of sad songs and how they make us feel better — Julien Baker profile for CNN Philippines Life


“Nobody really knows what happens, but mystery often comes through struggle. What’s good is that I learned to be strong and fight back, and that it’s important to be yourself.”

No more dreaming with The Drums — Q&A with Jonny Pierce of The Drums for Supreme

“There’s something really funny about our music, because it’s often so heart-on-your-sleeve, a little bit. We know how that can be embarrassing. We’re just not worried about embarrassing ourselves anymore.”

Sit back and enjoy the slow show — The National, live in Manila for Young Star

The new French Revolution: Q&A with Phoenix’s Deck d’Arcy — Supreme

Belieb it or not — Young Star

From contraband monkeys to PR stunts, Justin Bieber isn’t exactly a teen dream. But with a great new album coming out, maybe there’s hope for him yet. A writer makes a case for the Biebs.

On top of the world: Q&A with The Royal Concept’s David Larson — Supreme

Phases of the Moon — Supreme

Much has been said about the illustrious Vincent Moon. (Real name: Mathieu Saura.)

Everybody Wants To Rock The World: Because the rest of the world needs heroes, too — Supreme

Born because of their unwavering allegiance to a pinky swear, supergroup Us-2 Evil-0 will be invading Singapore with another Filipino band, Arigato, Hato!, soon.



The art of Danilo Dalena and the Filipino everyman

Having been consistently hesitant to adhere to and wary of the boxes he has been placed in, often finding them to be what influences and limits the audience from seeing work with more nuance, Dalena likes to think of himself like “other artists who self-identify as gago at totoo.”

Personal mythologies: Demystifying Manuel Ocampo’s early works

Writing about Ocampo is always a little scary. You feel like you’ll read him or his art completely wrong — a strong possibility, as his art is rife with iconography and symbols, giving it a proclivity to be misread — but a tiny part of you is absolutely sure that he just wouldn’t give a shit.

Stretching into infinity: A photographer’s personal universe — Charles Buenconsejo’s Name, Kind, Application, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created, Size, Tags for CNN Philippines Life

What our Netflix and YouTube habits can teach us about video art — Cocoy Lumbao for CNN Philippines Life

A Filipino artist on the strange beauty of sea urchins and anemone — Bree Jonson’s Writhing for CNN Philippines Life

Drawn together: How animation extends the narratives of Paulo Vinluan’s paintings — CNN Philippines Life

‘No Chaos No Party’: a book that looks like Metro Manila — CNN Philippines Life

One of Europe’s top contemporary art museums puts a Filipino in the spotlight — Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s That Mountain is Coming for CNN Philippines Life

Exploring architecture’s place in nation-building — The 15th Venice Architecture Biennale for CNN Philippines Life

Artist profiles for The Philippine Star’s Art Fair Philippines 2016 special magazine: Martha Atienza,  Nona Garcia,  Raffy Napay

In search of the miraculous: on Roberto Chabet — Supreme

Oca Villamiel’s Mga Damong Ligaw — Supreme

In the Lopez Museum, the explosive silence of four women artists  — CNN Philippines Life

Exploring the nostalgia of lost maps and travel photos — Mariano Ching and Yasmin Sison’s Traveling on the Edges of Lost Maps for CNN Philippines Life

How long should art last? — Jose Tence Ruiz’ SIPA for CNN Philippines Life

‘Instagramming’ art, and why we go to art fairs — CNN Philippines Life

An installation along Taiwan’s east coast examines language and typhoons — Christina Quisumbing Ramilo’s Mata for CNN Philippines Life

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Pop Culture & Media

Zayn by any other name — L’Officiel Manila

Frida Kahlo: The Unlikely Revlon Fan — L’Officiel Manila

In 'La Luna Sangre,' can kilig and kilabot come together? — CNN Philippines Life

What Kris Aquino's kikay kit says about her — CNN Philippines Life

How Philippine politics is like a comedy of terrors — CNN Philippines Life

The truth behind bars: on Orange is the New Black — Young Star

Pop culture party: 20 books — Young Star

We are ‘Snotgirl’ — Young Star

Back to the Future: on Stranger Things — Young Star

Here and Queer: a list celebrating some LGBT characters in recent memory — Young Star

In the bed all day: Zayn Malik talking points— Young Star

Through the Wire: on Brian K. Vaughan — Young Star

On ‘My So-Called Life’ — Young Star

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